Arbroath FC Team of the Decade


Arbroath FC Team of the Decade

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The past decade has been the most successful in Arbroath FC’s History with our very first title win coming in 2010/2011 as we won Division 3 before winning a stunning come back secured the League 2 in 2016/2017 and then we led from Day 1 to win League 1 in 2018/2019.

Remember it is just a wee bit of fun!

Who would make your Team of the Decade?

Here are a few names to remind here are a few names of Arbroath players from the last decade, but these are by no means the ones you should pick! It is up to you!

Starting in the 2009 / 2010 season we had a number of well know players including Steven Doris, Darren Hill, Keith Gibson, Mark McCulloch, Alan Rattray, Jamie Redman, Kevin McMullan, Kenny McLean, Callum Booth, Steve Hislop, Paul Lunan, Steven Rennie etc

Moving to 2010/2011 when we won our first league title under Paul Sheerin and Stewart Petrie;

Steven Doris, Gavin Swankie, Paul Sheerin, Josh Falkingham, Ross Chisholm, Kieth Gibson, Darren Hill, Stuart Malcolm, Kieran McAnespie, Kevin McMullan, Craig Wedderburn etc

2011/2012 – Darren Hill, Mark Baxter, Beau Busch, Liam Caddis, Steven Doris, Josh Falkingham, Keith Gibson, Brian Kerr, Stuart Malcolm, Kieran McAnespie, Paul Sheerin, Lee Sibanda, Gavin Swankie, Craig Wedderburn etc

2012/2013 – The arrival of Colin Hamilton – Paul Sheerin, Steven Doris, Mark Baxter, Ross Chisholm, Derek Holmes, Alex Keddie, Brian Kerr, Stuart Malcolm, Scott Morrison, Scott Robertson, Paul Sheerin, Lee Sibanda, Michael Travis etc.

2013/2014 – The arrival of Bobby Linn and Ricky Little – Colin Hamilton, Scott Morrison, Paul Sheerin, David Banjo, Ross Chisholm, Alan Cook, Lee Erwin (loan), Alex Keddie, Paul McManus, Scott Morrison, Kevin Nicoll, Darren Smith, Michael Travis etc

2014/2015 – The arrival of Mark Whatley and Simon Murray – Aldin El Zubaidi (loan), Adam Hunter, Ricky Little, Bobby Linn, Jordan Lowdon, Scott McBride, Marc McCallum, Paul McManus, Kevin Nicoll, Kieran Stewart, Craig Johnstone, Liam Gordon (loan), Dylan Carriero (loan)

2015/2016 – The arrival of David Gold – Allan Fleming, Craig Johnstone, Mark Whatley, Bobby Linn, Ricky Little, Jordan Lowdon, Andy Munro, Darren Ramsey, Greg Rutherford, Kieran Stewart, Craig Watson, Craig Wilson etc

2016/2017 – The return of Colin Hamilton and Steven Doris and Dick Campbell’s first real season in charge with several new arrvials Ricky Gomes, David Gold, Colin Hamilton, Omar Kader, Ricky Little, Bobby Linn, Mark Whatley, Ryan McCord, Martin Scott, Bryan Prunty, Josh Skelly, Robbie Mutch, Kane Hester

2017/2018 – The arrival of Michael McKenna, Thomas O’Brien, Danny Denholm, Ryan Wallace and Blair Yule with also a return of Gavin Swankie – David Gold, Steven Doris, Colin Hamilton, David Hutton, Omar Kader, Bobby Linn, Ricky Little, Scott Martin (loan), Ryan McCord, Leighton McIntosh, Mark Whatley.

2018/2019 – Darren Jamieson and Jason Thomson arrive with a return also for Darren Hill, with Luke Donnelly and Greig Spence arriving in January – Mark Whatley, Danny Denholm, Steven Doris, David Gold, Colin Hamilton, Omar Kader, Bobby Linn, Ricky Little, Ryan McCord, Michael McKenna, Thomas O’Brien, Ryan Wallace, Gavin Swankie.

2019/2020 – The arrivals of Scott Stewart, James Murphy, Derek Gaston and the loan of Miko Virtanen – Steven Doris, Luke Donnelly, Greig Spence, David Gold, Mark Whatley, Gavin Swankie, Omar Kader, Bobby Linn, Michael McKenna, Darren Jamieson, Ricky Little, Thomas O’Brien, Colin Hamilton, Jason Thomson.

Look over old squads here –

3 Championship Medals – Steven Doris

2 Championship Medals – Gavin Swankie, Darren Hill, Mark Whatley, Ricky Little, Bobby Linn, Colin Hamilton, David Gold, Omar Kader, Ryan McCord

It’s simple, we are playing a 4-4-2 system and you can pick 11 players from the 2009/2010 season up to the 2019/2020 season and a Manager from that period.

Simply click on this link to enter your Team of the Decade.

We will announce the Arbroath FC Team of the Decade on Tuesday 7th January 2020

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