Gary Callon


Gary Callon

Position at the Club – Secretary, Director, Disability Access Officer and PA Announcer

Occupation – Technical Manager, School of Science and Engineering, University of Dundee

What responsibilities and duties do you have at the club – Player contracts, rules and regulations, first point of contact for media and other clubs, point of contact for SFA, SPFL and Referees. Company Secretary for Arbroath FC Ltd. handle shares and company returns.

How long have you been involved with the club – 13 years.

Most memorable Arbroath match that you have seen – Stranraer 3, Arbroath 4, end of January 2011. Gavin Swankie scored a hat trick in a pulsating end to end game where we had 2 men sent off on a freezing day. I still say its this game that won us the title, despite that fantastic day on April 23rd when we beat Montrose 4-1 to finally achieve it.

Best player you have seen play for Arbroath – In recent years Josh Falkingham, although I was fortunate to see Andy Penman play for the club when I was around 8.

What is your aim this season for Arbroath – To win the league.

Any funny stories during your time with the club – one summers Sunday morning I went along to paint some of the metal work in the stand. Somehow I managed to spill a whole 5 litre tin of maroon paint all over myself. I managed to find a pair of shorts and t-shirt in the office to let me sneak out of the ground and make my way home. Fortunately it was still only 8am so no one saw me tip toeing out of the ground.