Montrose v Arbroath KO 14:00 02/07

David Gold

David Gold
Squad Number
Date of Birth
11th June 2015
Previous Clubs
  • Hibernian
  • Queen’s Park
  • Cowdenbeath
  • Berwick Rangers
Hibernian, Queen’s Park, Cowdenbeath and Berwick Rangers.
When and who was your senior debut against?
There has been a few really good too tough to call I appreciate what they’ve all done for me.
Senior goal would be goal at Tynecastle last season being a Hearts fan.
Driving to training last season , me Andy Munro, Coults, Flem and Hissy. Big Flem was trying to crack a joke , so he rolled down the window and stuck his head out the window, forgetting it was horrendous conditions and we were on the bypass , his hat flew completely off his head, and the big man tried to actually catch it , he got a do-in for that !!
Again I would say the Hearts game, it was a great feeling playing there and I thought we were unlucky to lose.
Best would be Ibrox and the worst being Albion Rovers.
Reaction stuff , it takes me ages to work it out.
Being involved in the team at Cowdenbeath that stayed up one year.
Biggest embarrassing moment for me would be getting my shorts pulled down from John (Yogi) Hughes in front of all the first team as I tried hold my lunch.
Probably seeing someone’s jumper getting cuffs taking off them and the back pockets taken out his jeans , his face afterwards was priceless haha.
Law Abiding Citizen, Lion King, The Hangover.
Tom and Jerry was always my favourite.
Great cook , a bit of everything in a sauce with some pasta can’t go wrong.
Would have to be Whitney Houston.
Nicole Sherzinger was always when I was younger so I’ll go with her.
I’d say my car I rely on that.
My thumbs are two different sizes.
I felt last season wasn’t acceptable and wanted to help turn that round , the new gaffer coming in has made a bit of excitement around the place.
This season I hope to contribute more to the team as a whole.

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