Football Memories Group – Wednesday 19th February 10am – 12pm


Football Memories Group – Wednesday 19th February 10am – 12pm

Football Memories Group – Wednesday 19th February 10am – 12pm

Football Memories is part of Alzheimer Scotland with their Action on Dementia.

Alzheimer Scotland – Angus are improving the lives of those with dementia by helping them talk about the games and the players of their past with a meeting at Gayfield Park every month in the Champions Lounge.

The group is for those living with this cruel illness and their families or friends.

What is Football Memories?

What’s your favourite football memory? The one moment that makes the hairs on your neck stand on end when you think back on it?

Maybe it was meeting your idol and discovering that they were everything you hoped they would be. Perhaps it was a special goal that you can still see when you close your eyes.

Maybe it was something more personal. Sometimes it’s not about what you are watching, but who you are watching it with. Maybe the goal you most remember is one you scored yourself.

Think of all the bookmarks in the story of your life as a football fan.

With the aid of some fantastic leaders, and a box of football memorabilia to see, feel, hold and touch, the group meet once a month at Gayfield.

Christine Beaton, Community Activities Organiser shared a snippet from their recent newsletter and photograph from a recent meeting at Gayfield

“Our Football Memories Club has been on the go for almost seven years and is held at Arbroath Football Club grounds Gayfield.

It is absolutely incredible to listen to our members discuss in finite detail games from yesteryear.

We had a super session recently when we were joined by Jorja Martin, Jorja’s Mum Jill and Jasmine McRonald from Monifieth High.

Our photograph shows from left to right Maureen Fulton one of our volunteers watching in awe as Ron and his two Team Members (overseen by Jill) win the match.

Jorja remarked after the game “We had a great time and hope we can come back”

Now that we have been provided with the use of the Champions’ Lounge on the ground floor we are able to offer places to those who may feel slightly unsteady on stairs.

There is a ramp for ease of use by wheelchair users and no shortage of parking in the nearby street, although there is the facility for dropping off inside the gate.”

If you would like to bring a family member along to their next meeting which takes place in the new Champions Lounge at Gayfield (which is Wheelchair Accessible and provides easy access for all) then please get in touch.

Christine Beaton
Telephone; 07841 435800

Angus Dementia Resource Centre,
262 High Street
DD11 1JE
01241 431770

Football Memories 2020 Dates

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