Arbroath vs East Fife – PPV for £10


Arbroath vs East Fife – PPV for £10

Arbroath vs East Fife – PPV £10

We are delighted to announce that ALL supporters both in the UK and abroad will be able to purchase this Saturday’s stream for £10 from

We are delighted to announce that we now accept Apple Pay and Google Pay as well as the normal payment method. We hope the two new additions can make your payment process even more efficient.

As always we ask you to register and login by 2pm at the latest so that if you do encounter any problems our support staff can help you resolve your problem before kick off.

How to watch – Please watch this video

There will be 2 types of supporters who will be purchasing our match subscription.

1 – Supporters who have already used Match Subscription.

Head to then you can access the game by clicking “Login” on the home page.

You will use the same login name (your email address) and password as your previous live stream, then when you click “Get my Access” you will be prompted to enter in your payment details for this match.

The cost is £10

2 – New Supporters to match subscription.

If this is your first time, you will have to create an account by clicking on “Get my Access” on

Your login will be your email address and then you will asked to create a password and enter in your payment details.

The cost is £10

Having successfully created your account you can then click “Watch Live” and then sit back and enjoy the game!

If you have any issues, PLEASE use the live chat box on the right-hand side of the Arbroath FC TV website. This will be live from around 2pm on Saturday afternoon.

Our support staff can help you directly from there and will have you logged in. This is the fastest and easy way to deal with any issues you may face.

For all other issues please email

Thank you for your support

C’mon the Lichties