Supporters Wall – Call for Bricks

13th January 2022

Supporters Wall – Call for Bricks

The second part of our Supporters Wall was started before Christmas and we have a number of bricks installed.

We haven’t posted images of the wall so far as we know a number of supporters had purchased bricks as Christmas gifts, but we shall be posting detail images next week to let supporters see their bricks. Supporters can come down and see their bricks between 10am and 2pm Monday to Friday.

If you missed out but still would like a brick, we are at the stage where we have orders for the next part of the wall but before we start construction again.

If you would like to purchase a brick, or buy one for a gift please get in touch with Brick Master Brian Cargill ASAP

Due to the costs involved in making the bricks they are done in batches, so whilst we will still be taking orders for the wall, after next week it could be a long period of time before the next bricks are manufactured.

The Bricks are the same colour options and prices as they were previously.

£50 – White
£100 – Maroon
£250 – Gold Brick

If you missed out originally and now want to be a part of our Supporters Wall please get in touch with Brian Cargill.

Text / Call on 07793-070168 or by email

Please let Brian know what colour of brick you desire and what text you would like engraved on your brick.

Thank you

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