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5 Days Left


We are into the final few days of our brick sales!

Having originally planned to stop at the 500th brick, we listened to you our very generous and loyal supporters and we kept the sales open and have soared way past 500 bricks as we now sit at 714 Bricks Sold and an incredible £72,150!

Who has the best fans? WE DO!

The money raised is crucial to help the club survive the current pandemic effecting Scottish Football.

We are all eager to get back playing and remember we have Derek Gaston, Jason Thomson, Colin Hamilton, Ricky Little, Thomas O’Brien, Mark Whatley, David Gold, Michael McKenna, Dale Hilson, Gavin Swankie, Bobby Linn, Luke Donnelly and Scott Stewart under contract and all signed up for the start of the new season.

Many of these players have been at Gayfield for years and we have been blessed with some of the best football seen at Gayfield in years and we want to be competing again as soon as we are allowed.

There has been many requests from supporters to see their bricks, which is completely understandable – however we can’t start work until we stop selling bricks, so it is a catch 22.

The Supporter’s wall which was launched on March 21st is set to be on the side of our “Champions Lounge” was donated and built by the community of Arbroath and we see it as a symbol of how strong the Community spirit in Arbroath is.

The Supporter’s Wall will take form of a high quality wrap, similar to the image of the Arbroath FC Team lifting the trophy on the pleasureland side of the Champions Lounge.

The design will consist of all the bricks and names of our supporters across the front side so it will be the first thing all supporters see as they enter Gayfield!

It is unlikely the Supporters Wall will be re-opened anytime soon, so if you are in any doubt, please buy your brick and don’t regret missing out!

If you would like to buy a brick before Sunday then remember there are three types of brick available for purchase and these area as follows:

£50 – White Brick
£100 – Maroon Brick
£250 – Gold Brick

For more information or to purchase a brick; Email Brian with the subject “Bricks” at; or text on 07793-070168

Thank you again for your support!

C’mon the Lichties!

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