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Arbroath FC Chairman’s New Year Message

Arbroath FC Chairman’s New Year Message
Happy New Year and welcome to 2020.
As we go into the second half of the season at what is undoubtedly one of the best times in the history of Arbroath Football Club we can reflect on 2019 as an incredible year for all supporters of the Club.
Winning the League 1 title and now competing and holding our own in the Championship makes me very proud as Chairman.
Something recently that really brought home to me the commitment that some people have to supporting the Club was down at Ayr United.
Despite horrendous weather conditions, with transport diverted and real doubts as to if the game would go ahead, there were still a healthy number of dedicated individuals who turned up and helped us achieve a good result far away from home.
Also news that some didn’t actually make it until the second half started humble me as Chairman in knowing that we have truly devoted fans in our ranks.
I have no doubt that the dedication will continue into 2020 and beyond.
December brought two home fixtures against the Dundee sides and both proved, as I always expected, that we could put a great advertisement out for Arbroath Football Club.
More than 6,500 supporters passed through the Gayfield turnstiles and thoroughly enjoyed their days. Not only with good performances on the field but with the warm friendliness and accord that was extended from home supporters to those away and neutral fans.
It is so heart-warming to be in a position now of approaching 600 season ticket sales and to see and speak to the number of people coming in to buy them and also at the sale of tickets for these recent matches. Everyone seems to be in high spirits about things and full of praise for achievements on and off the park.
Our “Young Lichties Club” recently launched has been a tremendous success with over 50 young fans joining. The many Arbroath FC kits I see our young fans proudly wearing around the town is amazing to see. These are our fans not only of the present but for the future.
As the year came to a close we achieved one of our best results of 2019 up at Inverness. It was fantastic to see so many supporters there to enjoy the victory and applaud the players achievements at the end of the match.
Our success as a Club is down to the team ethos, hard work and dedication of the Management, Players, Club staff, my fellow Directors and you as supporters all pulling together to achieve the best we can be.
The success on and off the pitch has also been down to to our generous sponsors, including main sponsor Megatech Projects Ltd with Avenue Care Services, and Murray Taylor Chartered Certified Accountants. Of course not to mention all our other sponsors around Gayfield, online, Programme sponsors, player and hospitality sponsors.
There are so many friends of Arbroath FC around the community who are always so willing to come and help us with whatever they can do. Without all these efforts, the Club would not be where we are today and we are truly grateful and indebted to many.
Thank you all and a very prosperous and successful 2020 to everyone.
Best wishes
Mike Caird, Chairman
C’mon the Lichties

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