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Direction of Travel around Gayfield

31st July 2021

Gayfield – Direction of Travel

Currently due to the pandemic all football grounds are split into different coloured zones for safety.

The red zone covers all areas where the players and officials are, so the changing rooms, tunnel and pitch.

Due to social distancing rules there is not enough space in the Gayfield Dressing Rooms for all players and coaching staff.

This means that the home dressing rooms and the Champions Lounge are being used by Arbroath, whilst our visitors have the away dressing room and the newly renovated Stewards Cabin.

Due to the location of the Away Changing Rooms and the Stewards Cabin, the normal flow of supporters and a few amenities around Gayfield has been effected.

Whilst all supporters can freely walk around they can’t enter the red zone, and the toilets, pie shop and disabled bay at the Harbour End of the Main Stand are also closed.

However we now have portaloos in place next to Gate 3 so supporters don’t have to walk round the entire stadium to use the bathroom.

The two pie huts and pie hut behind the main stand will be open, and there is a disabled bay in front of section A in the main stand.

Seating in the Stands in Section A, B and C is first come, first served.

We will have 3 gates in operation. If you enter via Gate 1 or Gate 2 you will have to make your way round to the right of the stadium, however if you enter near Ladyloan end (Harbour End) at Gate 3 you will have to travel to your left around the stadium.

Supporters can still move around the stadium, but just not through the red zone.

Please remember to keep a social distance of 1 metre unless you are in a household / family bubble.

If you have any other questions, please ask one of our friendly stewards on match day.

Thank you and enjoy the game!

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