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Arbroath FC Community Trust

Arbroath FC Community Trust 2020

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Arbroath Football Club (AFC) was founded in 1878 and is a central pillar of the Arbroath community. The club wants to improve its community support and has developed the Arbroath FC Community Trust (AFCCT) to achieve that.

Arbroath FC Community Trust is set up to deliver the following vision;

“The trust will provide a strategic hub within the community that supports activities to help local people develop and thrive”.


To deliver that vision the trust has agreed these objectives, We will;

1. Work in partnership to support AFC to become a leader in a community wide system of health and well-being efforts, empowering the local community to thrive in that system.

2. Increase the community’s trust of and participation in sporting activities. Encourage participation, create football pathways and encourage the personal development of volunteers.

3. Coordinate the planning for the charity contributions of Arbroath Football Club to Arbroath FC Community Trust into the community. Encourage a more holistic approach to charity and maximise the impact in the community.

4. Coordinate the SFAs influence on football-based sport in the community.

Focus Areas

The trust has agreed that it will focus in 5 key areas. Sport, Health, Education, Inclusion, Community


Increase opportunities to participate in sport and physical activity for people of all ages and abilities.


Promote an active, healthy and informed lifestyle – contributing to reduced health inequalities in our community


Provide inspirational learning and personal development opportunities to raise aspirations, attainment and achievement


Deliver innovative and attractive programmes to engage those from disadvantaged and excluded communities


Grow the community support and encourage local people to get involved in the local activities and opportunities.

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