Buy a Brick – Extended

Buy a Brick – Extended

At the weekend we celebrated reaching two huge milestones in our Arbroath FC Supporters Wall fundraiser.

Firstly we broke through the £50,000 sales mark and then reached our final target of 500 Bricks sold for our Supporters Wall.

At the time that was the final brick sold as it had been calculated that the Champions Lounge wall would accommodate that number of bricks.

We really wanted to thank our supporters and then begin preparing for the installation of the wall wrapping.

To sell 500 bricks was an incredible achievement by our amazing supporters and we were delighted with that total.

However since we put up the “Sold Out” sign, we have continued to get supporters asking if they could still purchase a brick to help the club.

As a result we have decided to reopen the brick sales until Friday 5th June 2020 to allow our supporters who still wish to buy a brick during this window to get their order in.

If need be we will take our wall around the corner and start on the side of the Champions Lounge.

Our supporters have supported the club when we needed it and we want them to be seen by all on their community wall when we all return to football again at Gayfield.

We now stand at an incredible 518 Bricks sold, and have raised an incredible £54,050.

If you would still like to buy a brick then remember there are three types of brick available for purchase and these area as follows:

£50 – White Brick

£100 – Maroon Brick

£250 – Gold Brick

For more information or to purchase a brick;

Email Brian with the subject “Bricks” at; or text on 07793-070168

Please leave your contact details

Thank you and C’mon the Lichties!

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