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Arbroath FC TV – Thank you

21st May 2021

Arbroath FC TV – Thank you

This past season brought a world of new challenges to our Football Club.

Like all other clubs, the pandemic crippled every aspect of our game. However, we were lucky that we were allowed to play a 27 match season with very little interruptions in the midst of a pandemic.

Of course that meant regular testing for the players and management staff, the set up of zones in Gayfield, and players having to use hospitality suites as changing rooms.

We had hoped that the start of the season would have allowed at least season ticket holders in the stands, but when Covid denied us of that our main thought was how could we deliver a streaming service which you would be proud of.

It was of course something that had to be built from the ground up and quickly. We were fortunate enough to have Pixellot installed, but after the initial matches were streamed using that service we felt we could offer better.

We finally got the first fibre line installed in Arbroath and we were fortunate enough that DLR Media came on board and together we created Arbroath FC TV.

Daniel Rosie

The well oiled machines you watch your football on normally – BBC Sportscene, Sky Sports, Premier Sports have all been at this for years, and have huge budgets and unlimited resources but a streaming platform which has to be built quickly was a tough challenge.

We know that there was some problems during the season, but we weren’t alone in this with many other teams also troubled by last minute gremlins but we always did our very best to bring you our matches at 3pm on a Saturday or on a cold Tuesday night.

Marius Urbelis

It wouldn’t have been possible without Daniel Rosie from DLR Media Limited, and his team of Conor Stewart, Craig Campbell, Lauren Daily and especially Marius Urbelis for his editing and filming.

Ian Potts

We were delighted to get the experienced Ian Potts on camera duty and the moving of the camera to the TV Gantry made a huge difference and well we can’t forget Ewan Smith and Allen “Fermer” Innes on the microphones.

 Allen “Fermer” Innes and Ewan Smith

The season maybe over but both Ewan and Allen are the hot guests on the Podcast Circuit right now, and we think their memoirs maybe in book shops very soon!

But with features and interviews before and after the matches as well as half time we tried to give you a little familiarity and more on a Saturday afternoon, our football day.

We also for the first time had Lichties all over the world able to log on and watch matches, which we know is something which was just impossible before.

Thank you again to all those behind Arbroath FC TV, and we are delighted to announce Arbroath FC TV will return next season!

C’mon the Lichties





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