Arbroath FC Shares across the world!

Arbroath FC Shares across the world!

Not only have our fans backed our virtual horses at Grand National, Bought enough bricks to add a second tier on the Main Stand at Gayfield but you have also all been buying shares and becoming part of the Arbroath FC Family.

We had existing shareholders from Scotland, England, Canada, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

However on top of the incredible new 50 shareholders that have recently purchased shares we have now reached out to Australia and Holland as well!

From Holland we welcome one of our newest Shareholders, Lichtie Klaas Vos who has not only bought shares but also a brick!

Klaas is a former Dutch Marine who was stationed at the Condor in the 1970’s and married Geraldine from Arbroath and they both now live in Utrecht!

Shares in Arbroath Football Club can be purchased for existing and new shareholders at a minimum cost of £100 for 100 shares.

Not only will you help the Club but you will also become a part of the Arbroath FC family.

For more information or to purchase a share;

£100 for 100 Shares

Email Gary with the subject “Shares” at;
Call Director – Dr Gary Callon – 07802-747558

We know these are incredibly difficult times for everyone. For those who are working on the front line facing the virus in Hospitals to those key workers who are making sure we all can live a relatively normal life. Of course it is also hard for those in isolation on their own who are without their friends and family.

Football has always been a part of our community and our lives, and we really have been shown just how much it means to everyone. Everyone who is helping us is doing so for the love of their club. Whether you were born in Arbroath, or have become a Lichtie through some other connection we are all so very grateful.

In the mean time, please keep safe, stay at home and we hope to all see you in the not so distant future.

C’mon the Lichties

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