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Arbroath FC Championship Top Auction

Arbroath FC Championship Top Auction

Having successfully raised funds for the club with our League 2 and League 1 Title winning kit auctions, we have decided to hold another fundraising auction, this time you can bid on the actual tops that our players wore when securing 5th in the Championship.

The unique selling point this time is that the tops have the players name and number on the back.

Will you bid for the number 3 top of Colin Hamilton? or what about the famous number 11 top of Bobby Linn? and who will get Miko’s iconic number 22 top? Which top will you bid on?

Auction Details – Please read these instructions carefully.

Arbroath FC are offering supporters a unique opportunity to purchase something special from the 2019/2020 Championship season when we finished 5th in our debut season.

Each of the individual first team SPFL branded official playing tops are now available at auction to the highest bidder.

Not only will you have the chance to own a piece of history but you will be helping Arbroath FC as we try and make sure we are in the best possible position to return to football action in October.

This auction is for the top (shirt) only. Shorts, socks etc are NOT included.

Supporters are invited to submit bids for the top of their choice by calling or texting Director Jonny Booth on 07908-689103. Bids can only made contacting Jonny, please do not message or email us with your bids. They will NOT count.

The last auction we received a lot of last minute bids so we need to know your maximum bid.

Don’t miss out by not stating your maximum bid. We will not go up to that unless another bidder forces your bid up.

So all we need to know is your name, your contact mobile number, which top you want, if it is home or away, your initial bid and maximum bid, it’s that simple.

Name – Jonny Booth
Contact Number – 07360-360360
Top No – 11
H/A – Home
Your initial bid – £30
Your maximum bid – £50

Note: There is a minimum bid of £30 for each top.

Pendle Tops available – These are our Maroon Home Top, White Away Top and Yellow and Pink for our goalkeeper tops.

You can bid on these tops;

1 – Darren Jamieson
2 – Jason Thomson
3 – Colin Hamilton
4 – Ricky Little
5 – Thomas O’Brien
6 – Mark Whatley
7 – David Gold
8 – Michael McKenna
9 – Dale Hilson
9 – Steven Doris
10 – Gavin Swankie
11 – Bobby Linn
12 – Omar Kader
14 – Craig Wighton
14 – Greig Spence
15 – Luke Donnelly
16 – Scott Stewart
17 – Robert Wilson
18 – James Murphy
19 – Ben Stirling
20 – Josh Campbell
21 – Derek Gaston
22 – Miko Virtanen
23 – Logan Chalmers
28 – James Craigen

The auction closes at 8pm on Friday 24th July 2020

Good luck and C’mon the Lichties!

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