Ayr United v Arbroath KO 15:00 27/02

Alloa Athletic vs Arbroath – PPV Streaming

Alloa Athletic vs Arbroath – PPV Streaming

Arbroath supporters can purchase Alloa Athletic’s PPV Stream here;

Alloa Athletic use a video camera operator and include goal replays from their Pixellot service.

If you’ve not signed up for the PPV:

STEP 1 – REGISTER – live.alloaathletic.co.uk/outside/register

or LOGIN if you already have an account  live.alloaathletic.co.uk/outside/login

STEP 2 – Buy from the event page for £12 – live.alloaathletic.co.uk/event/60192e0c4deb7d232a01b603

STEP 3 – Return to the event page after 14:30 and the banner will be replaced by a video player (while signed in on the account you bought on, of course!)


Desynchronised audio – All teams using Univtec (via Pixellot) for their delivery method have had intermittent issues with the audio becoming desynchronised from the video. However, we use a different delivery method which has at least reduced the incidence of this bug.

Pixellot only stream – Our match feed includes at least two camera angles, commentary and replays but a bug has been documented where only the feed from the Pixellot camera is seen on the video player. If you experience this bug, refresh your browser. If you still don’t get the commentary and replays, refresh your cache and/or change browser.


If you have any other issues, please provide screenshots or recordings of your issue and email it to fcadmin@alloaathletic.co.uk

Other vital information to include is the make and model of your device, the browser you are using to access the stream and your internet speed.

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