£60,000 Raised – THANK YOU!

£60,000 Raised – THANK YOU!

On Saturday evening we reached the amazing target of selling 500 Bricks for our supporters wall.

However with supporters still reaching out hoping to join their fellow Lichties forever on the side of our Champions Lounge we decided to open sales again until Friday 5th June.

Since last Thursday, so less than a week you have raised £10,000 and our Bricks Sales have soared from 500 on Saturday to 584 bricks, just 16 shy of 600!


Sandy Ferguson was the Lichtie whose brick sale made us reach that magical £60,000 mark.  The maroon brick was bought for his sons Josh and Ethan Ferguson.   As a special thank you for Arbroath FC we have upgraded their maroon brick to a Gold One.

Now, we are only 16 away from 600 Bricks, which is just incredible!

So, if If you would still like to buy a brick then remember there are three types of brick available for purchase and these area as follows:

£50 – White Brick

£100 – Maroon Brick

£250 – Gold Brick

For more information or to purchase a brick;

Email Brian with the subject “Bricks” at;

briancargill50@gmail.com or text on 07793-070168

Please leave your contact details

Thank you and C’mon the Lichties!

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