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Omar Kader

Omar Kader
Age – 32
Date of Birth – 29th April 1986
Signed – June 2016
Previous Clubs – Spartans, Alloa Athletic, Forfar Athletic
Sponsor – Tim Forrester

Question and Answers

Question 1 – Please tell us your previous clubs?
Answer 1 – Spartans, Alloa and Forfar.
Q2 – When and who was your senior debut against?
A2 – In July 2012 against Dunfermline.
Q3 – Best Manager you have played for?
A3 – Dick Campbell.
Q4 – Best Player you have played with?
A4 – On his day there are not many better players at this level than Gavin Swankie.
Q5 – Best Player you have played against?
A5 – Paul Pogba – Spartans v Man Utd XI in 2011.
Q6 – Best goal you have scored?
A6 – My first goal in league football v Dunfermline.
Q7 – Best story about a team mate?
A7 – Anything James Dale related at Forfar, the Gaffer would make him entertain all the boys pre match with his stories.
Q8 – Growing up who was your favourite football player?
A8 – Russell Latapy.
Q9 – Most memorable match you have played in?
A9 – Forfar 2 Rangers 1 (AET) in 2013..
Q10 – Favourite & Worst grounds you have played on?
A10 – Favourite would be Ibrox and the worst is Cliftonhill (Albion Rovers).
Q11 – What training drill do you dread the most?
A11 – Disguised running.
Q12 – Biggest achievement in the game?
A12 – Knocking Rangers out of the League Cup.
Q13 – Biggest influence on your career?
A13 – My grandad, devoted all his time driving me to and from football as a kid.
Q14 – Most embarrassing moment on a football pitch or in a dressing room?
A14 – Needing 10 stitches after being kicked where no man wants to be kicked in a match against Ayr.
Q15 – Best practical joke you have seen in football?
A15 – Nothing comes to mind.
Q16 – Which do you prefer Sportscene of Match of the Day?
A16 – Match of the Day.
Q17 – Which do you prefer Soccer AM or Fletch & Sav?
A17 – Fletch and Sav.
Q18 – Who do you think is the best player Messi or Ronaldo?
A18 – Messi 100%.
Q19 – Favourite Holiday Destination?
A19 – Anywhere sunny. Enjoyed Brazil and Miami recently.
Q20 – Favourite 3 Movies?
A20 – Training Day, The Hangover, Toy Story.
Q21 – Which teammate past or present do you think should replace Daniel Craig as the next James Bond?
A21 – Stuart Malcolm (Forfar).
Q22 – What 3 people, alive or dead, would you invite to your dinner party?
A22 – George Best, My Grandad and James Dale.
Q23 – Stranded On An Island, What Are Your 3 Essential Items?
A23 – BBQ, Lager and a Hammock.
Q24 – If you could attend any sporting event in the world, what would it be?
A24 – World Cup Final. Went to 4 games in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil but unfortunately didn’t have tickets for the final.
Q25 – Favourite Cartoon as a Kid?
A25 – The Simpsons.
Q26 – Favourite Food?
A26 – Anything Italian.
Q27 – Are you a good cook and if so what is your Signature Dish?
A27 – I’m forced to do all the cooking. Probably something Thai.
Q28 – Favourite band or musician?
A28 – Kanye West.
Q29 – Who is your dream date?
A29 – My girlfriend, she is football daft.
Q30 – Most prized possession?
A30 – My car.
Q31 – Tell us a secret about you?
A31- I’m a qualified chartered accountant.
Q32 – What was your main reason for signing for the Lichties this season?
A32 – Ambition and enjoyment.
Q33 – What is your personal aim this season?
A33 – Play a big part and get promoted.
Q34 – Do you have any pre match superstitions?
Q34 – Don’t believe in these, recipe for disaster!

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